Pest Inspection

Termites, Beetles, Carpenter ants, and Wood Destroying Mold all fit into the category of Wood Destroying Organism (WDO).

What are the requirements for Pest Inspectors?

Most states have laws for Pesticide Applicators, since applying too much pesticide can be harmful to the ground and water supply.

Pest Inspectors are not as regulated, some states have specific laws, but most states allow persons to inspect, as long as they are not applying Pesticide.

How do I become a Pest Inspector?

You can take the course from the Professional Home Inspection Institute (  This course will cover how to inspect for pests, and although it does not license you for pesticide, it does cover pest remediation.

You can also order the course from this site.  Your order will include online access, as well as CD ROMs.  The CD ROMs are the same material as the online course, but will allow you to work offline.