What is Pest Inspection

Pest inspections are most typically performed as part of a real estate transaction when a home is changing hands. Many banks and lending agencies now require a pest inspection to be done before a real estate transaction is completed.

Pest & WDO infestations can cost homeowners thousands of dollars in repairs if problems are not discovered before it is too late. For this reason, required pest inspections are becoming more and more common across banks.

What items are included in a typical Pest Inspection / WDO Inspection?
What are pest inspectors looking for?
A pest inspection starts on the outside of the house. There, the inspector will look for signs of possible pest infiltration like bug carcasses, mud tubes, or wood-to-ground contact.  Wood-to-ground contact is one of the main concerns for a pest inspector since this is most commonly how wood-destroying organisms gain entrance to a structure.

Inside the house, the pest inspector continues to search for signs of untreated infestations like bug carcasses, wood damage caused by insects, or live infestations.  The inspector will usually collect his or her findings with a clipboard and a checklist but he/she may also use more advanced software to generate a pest inspection report for the property. The report is usually delivered to the client the same or next day and is sometimes accompanied by a complete home inspection report.